As of 17/05/2021 - last updated 14/06/2021

Cedar Gables Campsite are happy to say we will be opening on the 17th May 2021. While things are almost normal here, please see below our current COVID opening conditions. These may change before your stay. You can find current conditions on our website. If you are not comfortable with these arrangements, and would rather not stay, please let us know immediately.


Washrooms – The washrooms will be open as normal and cleaned frequently. As all toilets and showers are in cubicles, we feel no changes are needed, but we do ask that all campers maintain appropriate distances from each other while using the ‘corridors’ in the washrooms. Please wait outside until a toilet or shower is available for use, or if there are already six people inside. Please do not allow children to use the washrooms unattended. Face coverings are encouraged within the washrooms.

Showers – In order for our showers to be open, they need to be cleaned between every use. Disinfectant spray will be provided in each shower so that campers can spray the shower down after use. Campers will also be asked to rinse showers with water before using the shower to remove excess disinfectant (extra time has been added to the shower timers to compensate for this). The showers will still be regularly cleaned by us between 9am and 11pm.


Cleaning of shared areas – We will do an enhanced level of cleaning in the washrooms and other shared facilities. We ask you to bear in mind that we are a small team sharing all roles, and therefore we would appreciate it if you can keep these areas clean as you use them. Surface cleaner will be available for all guests to use. Please clean all sink areas after use, especially if you have spat toothpaste in them.


Campers’ lounge/fridge freezers – Access to the campers’ lounge will be limited to only six people at a time. Face coverings are encouraged within the campers’ lounge.


Fire pit – While the fire pit will be open, please limit its use to only the people you are camping with. The fire pit will be on a first come first served basis with no pre booking. If someone is already using it, I am afraid you will have to wait until they have finished.


Playground – The playground is open as usual, but children must be supervised to ensure social distancing is adhered to. Please ensure your children do not eat or drink while using the playground.


Social distancing – While you are now able to get close to members of your group, please ensure social distancing guidelines are followed with people outside of your group.


We are taking appropriate measures to safeguard all guests against COVID, but ultimately, it is your own responsibility to keep yourself safe. Any guests seen to be endangering others will be asked to leave.


After your stay, please leave no trace. Please help keep all our families safe.


If you are ill, please do not travel to us. We will transfer any payment onto another stay if you cannot come due to illness.


Please bring 50p’s with you for the showers.